Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock Never be late again with The Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock. With a “his and hers” alarm every day of the week (for 14 different alarms) and seven extra “everyday reminder” alarms give you a total of 21 alarms. The alarms allow you to wake up to one of four buzzer ringtones, or linked alarm station presets or even the iPod. The alarm clock can be fully customized for your snoozing pleasure as well with customizable alarm duration and volume and customizable snooze with “declining snooze” and snooze disable options (you know some of you need this… yes, I’m talking about the Chief Gadgeteer!). Also, the clock has an alarm skip feature and gradual wake option.

With a 5v powered USB port for powering your MP3 player and an MP3 input (1/8″ audio), you can sleep or wake up to your favorite tunes. By the way, if you wife hates the alarm going off in the morning, there’s a headphone jack so she doesn’t have to hear your alarm.


Suggested Price: $59.99

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