MyChime Wireless Door Chime and Bell Push with USB Sound Card

Are you tired of your boring old doorbell tones? This gizmo replaces your chime and include a USB sound card that allows you to download custom tunes. Imagine your favorite college fight song playing when someone rings the doorbell. This all-in-one kit installs in minutes allowing you to customize and convert sound files to chime tunes of your favorite band, holiday tune or sports team’s fight song.

The MyChime Wireless Door Chime and Bell Push with USB Sound Card is a great solution for homes that don’t have a pre-wired doorbell for the front entrance. It will also work well with apartments, travel trailers, back entrances, garages, dorm rooms and offices. What sets this apart from similar products is the ability to pick your own song or sound for your door chime. You can choose the song or sounds you want to hear and simply download them onto the included USB sound card. The bell push unit communicates with the chime module via radio frequency (RF), and each are powered by battery, so no wires or professional installation is required. There are seven pre-loaded chime sounds available and an adjustable volume setting. The chime module is portable or can be mounted anywhere in the house up to 150 feet away from the bell push module. The bell push module is rated for outdoor use and has a UV resistant plastic housing with a rainproof push button. It can be mounted with included screws or double-sided tape. The modules have 16 adjustable address codes to prevent interference with other transmitters such as PIR movement detectors and telephone ring detectors.

Suggested Price: $57.99

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