Mozilla Labs’ Raindrop project aims to cut through e-mail clutter

Mozilla-RaindropDo you get too much e-mail, whose volume has grown significantly in recent times due to social networking notifications from the likes of Facebook & Twitter?

How do you sort it out and quickly? Filters? Folders? Those methods may be doing the trick right now, but Mozilla Labs is working on a different approach – creating views of your messages (not necessarily e-mail only) and letting you interact with those conversations without having to switch applications.

The new project is called Raindrop and while it won’t necessarily replace your e-mail client, it could significantly complement it. Although still in its infancy, Raindrop has promise.

Here is a screenshot of what one of its screens may eventually look like, although it’s in dynamic flux right now, and a video explaining the basic ideas in Raindrop. You can download the 0.1 release from the Raindrop home page.

Raindrop UX Design and Demo from Mozilla Messaging on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks for the info on this new tool. I will be watching as it rolls out. I have a number of clients that would love to have an email solution that would help them manage the influx that they get on a daily basis.__To your success!__Stephanie__Productive & Organized – We'll help you find your way! ™

  2. Seems to be a take on the Google Wave concept – albeit a good one. Waiting to see how it spans out. All the best to the raindrop team. Eventually it is not just about the idea but also the way the idea is being implemented.

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