Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Released

Coolness – Firefox 2.0 has just been released by Mozilla. Like previous Firefox releases, Mozilla has taken useful previously available extensions and integrated them into the base browser itself. I’m on the fence about this, but it’s useful for many, non-techie users who want certain features without having to search for and install anything additional. Personally, I’d like a tight, stable product that I can extend as I need/want. Of course, I’m a feature-junkie too and have about 20 extensions! I’m certainly going to have to wait a bit until those extensions get updated for FF 2.0.

Coming back from my tangent… new in FF 2.0 are anti-phishing measures, tabbing improvements, session saver (very useful!), inline spelling, improvements to the extension system, Javascript 1.7, and many more. See the Release Notes for the full list. If you’re into the cutting edge and/or don’t have 20 extensions like I do, then check out FF 2.0 – you’ll find a browser that isn’t ‘crashy’ like something called IE 7.0.