Motorola Going Strong With Linux on Handsets

Back at CES when I spoke with Motorola about their Linux handsets, the rep assured me that their plans for the future included lots more Linux-based cell phones. Good news: this is turning out to be the case as Motorola has just said at LinuxWorld, no less, that within 2 years, 60% of its handsets will run Linux. Schweet.

The Razr V2, which will be available in the States in a few months, will run Linux. Motorola also has new development options, like WebUI which allows developers to produce Web 2.0 pages with AJAX for their Linux platform, called MOTOMAGX.

The bad news is that for now, CDMA phones won’t get the Linux treatment right away. Apparently, there is lot more porting and development work that needs to be done to get those phones Linux-ified. But hang tight, a 60% forecast means that it should be coming.