Motorola RAZR V9


What can we say about the V9 that hasn’t already been said in the media? The phone is a mini-computer in the palm of your hand. Boasting the latest server technology, the V9 runs on the 3G network ensuring web browsing is done at maximum capacity. Much like other phones on the market, the V9 has a 2.0 Megapixel camera, a digital screen on the top portion of the flip phone, so that messages appear without opening it up, Bluetooth capabilities and the jazz of emailing and text.

If color’s a problem, do not fret, this phone comes in various ones to satisfy your needs. The reviews are in and they are stellar! A word to the wise, purchase the screen protectors and look out for the hidden fees with the voice dialing when you get the free Bluetooth headset. With built-in capacity for a 4gb or 8 gb MicroSDHC card, music and pictures instantly transfer over to your phone and can be used as an alternate MP3 or MP4 player.

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Written By Devicepedia