Mindflex Brainwave Game

Mindflex Brainwave Game I can’t believe the Geeks have never featured Mindflex Brainwave Game. I had to perform a couple of searches to make sure and sure enough, we haven’t.

Mindflex’s Brainwave Game is the closest game we have on Earth to demonstrating Jedi powers as the game is powered by your brainwave activity. Mindflex uses a variation of EEG technology to “read” the intensity of these brainwaves via sensors positioned on your forehead and ears. These sensors do not generate or interfere with brainwaves; they only read what is already there.

Once the Mindflex headset recognizes your brainwaves, it transmits a signal to a fan within the console. This fan controls ball levitation. Your brainwaves, in turn, control the power of the fan. The more effectively you concentrate, the stronger the fan blows and the higher the ball floats. Relaxing your mind relaxes the fan’s airflow, which lowers the ball.

I’ve played the Mindflex and while apparently I can concentrate at a high level causing the fan under the ball to shoot the ball skyward, I really had issues relaxing enough to lower the ball. We really had fun working the Mental Marathon game.

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