Microsoft planning WiFi-enabled MP3 player and media store

It took them long enough, but Microsoft is about to enter the MP3 player fray and in a big way too. We recently featured a WiFi-enabled MP3 player and MS is taking a nice idea and putting it into their product. Another huge factor will be the inclusion of an iTunes-like media manager and that MS is also going to have their own iTunes-like store. According to an article at Engadget, Microsoft is going to do what it can do like no other: throw lots of money at the ‘problem’. The ‘problem’ in this case is attracting users (especially away from iPods/iTunes), and to do this, they’re going to let you re-download any songs you’ve already downloaded from iTunes. They’ll have to pay fees for this, of course. MS is planning to get the players ready in time for the magical electronics launch period that is Christmas.