MemoryFrame Wireless Digital 10.4-Inch Photo Viewer

MemoryFrame Wireless Digital 10.4-Inch Photo Viewer With Two Interchangeable 8×10 Frames The Geek’s simply had to add a new category for the “12 Gizmos of Christmas” called Gadget Accessories in at the second most wished for gadget category. With the proliferation of gadget-toting Geeks, entire industries have been born to provide accessories for your main gadgets. An excellent example of a new product line created is digital photo frames. There was no need for digital photo frames before a large number of consumers had switched over to digital photography, now digital photo frames are guaranteed to be one of the hottest and most sought after gift this holiday season.

Check out some of the Geek’s posts on digital photo frames. We’ve featured quite a few and even dedicated a week to these gizmos.

The favorite we’ve featured is the MemoryFrame Wireless Digital 10.4-Inch Photo Viewer that supports some cool technology behind the frame. The frame offers web connectivity to RSS feeds, email or photo-sharing sites via Windows XP or Vista. The frame offers 128MB of storage supplemented with external memory from CF, SD or MMC memory cards. The frame also supports playing MP3, WMA, streaming audio, MPEG and WMV video.

The Digital Photo Frame was made with the geek photographer in mind. Imagine sharing your favorite pics with the world through your blog and having them display on your photo frame. Another neat idea, imagine promoting sales at your different store’s registers with the frame and pushing the sales through an RSS feed. My favorite idea? Set the grandparents up with one of these photo frames with a photo RSS feed of the little one.


Suggested Price: $349.95

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