MAME32 Dead!

MameUI MAME32 is dead… well, at least the name is. Welcome MameUI to the latest Windows GUI port of the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. MAME has lofty goals to “document” the internal hardware and code of all arcade games and was originally written in 1997 by Chris Kirmse. In addition to documenting the various arcade games, MAME provides a mechanism to play the old ROMs (like Dig Dug, Galaga and Pac-Man).

MameUI64 .123.1 • 64bit version for 64bit Windows OSes [XP64, Vista64]
MameUI32 .123.1 • 32bit version for 32bit Windows OSes [Win98/ME/2000/XP/Vista]
MameUIs .123.1 • Source code

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