MAKE: The new tech gadget guide howto magazine

By Heather Newman, Free Press Columnist

Remember that we recently featured the new magazine-book from O’Reilly called Make that is truly a geek’s dream mag? Well, here’s a 3rd-party write-up on it. Here’s an excerpt:

“There has been a flood of magazines on the market lately that emphasize tech gadgets you can buy (led by Conde Nast’s successful Cargo). But another new entry focuses on gadgets you can build. O’Reilly Media, publishers of the popular series of Hacks instructional trade paperbacks, is introducing Make, a quarterly magazine that walks you through complex home-electronics projects with photos and step-by-step instructions. The premiere issue, for example, teaches you how to build a magnetic card reader, a video camera stabilizer (for $14) and a kite rig so you can take aerial photographs. If you think of the magazine as an even geekier version of Popular Mechanics how-to features, you’d be close. For starters, all the instructions come with O’Reilly’s standard high-quality text and illustrations.”

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