M-Audio Black Box – Guitar Effects

M-Audio Black Box - Guitar Effects

I still remember (while trying not to date myself) the days when individual guitar effects could easily cost $100 a pop. Cheaper, advanced technology brings us multiple effects in boxes a fraction of the size with computer interfaces and software to manipulate/record your sound to your heart’s content. Here is one such box, the Black Box by M-Audio. The Black Box can model 12 well-known guitar amps, has tons of effects, and can beat-sync to any of 99 drum patters. There is a built-in mic preamp for recording and processing vocals and other sounds. As for a computer interface, the Black Box has a USB port so you can send all of the output to your computer for further processing and/or recording. The accompanying software, Ableton Live Lite 4 GTR, works on both Macs and Windows.

Just some of the Product Features:

  • Built-in USB audio interface with S/PDIF out (24-bit/441kHz)
  • 12 of the most realistic virtual amp models anywhere
  • 43 beat-synced effects
  • 99 drum patterns and built-in guitar tuner
  • Effects and drum machine sync to tap tempo or external MIDI clock

Price: $194.00
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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