London Department Store Offers iPod Tutorials

It’s pretty easy for us tech-savvy folks to forget that there are quite a few folks out there who are tech-illiterate, afraid of technology or just too lazy to do some reading, but yet want to own and use the latest gadgets, like, oh say, iPods. You would think there would be more services out there geared to helping out these people for a small fee, of course. Enter Selfridges, a department store in London. They are offering tutorials titled “iPod Survival” costing £65 for 40 minutes.

Excerpt from the article: “The scheme comes in response to queries from customers who are baffled by the best-selling MP3 music players, a spokeswoman said. The one-to-one “iPod Survival” sessions will aim to teach clients everything there is to know about the trendy Apple device. Subjects covered will include general use of the iPod, using iTunes, installing and deleting videos, creating playlists and downloading Podcasts. Tutors will also give general pointers about iPod dos and don’ts. London-based iPod owners who can’t make it to Selfridges can book a tutor to visit them at their homes or offices – for an additional fee.

Good for them. I think this is the start of a trend. Unfortunately, I have to help my friends and family for free. 😉 And by the way, in case you do (or do not) know how to use your iPod, have a ton of CDs, and some money burning a hole in your pocket, you can outsource the ripping of your CDs to an ‘iPod Loading’ service like HungryPod. HungryPod is also MP3-player-agnostic and will rip your CDs and laod them on pretty much any MP3 player you have.