Live in Manhattan and need booze delivered to your door ASAP?

Then take a look at Wakozi. Yes, it’s an online Web 2.0 site. Plug in your address and it shows you what liquor stores and delis near you that deliver. Click on a store and you can see what they sell, how much it costs and then you can create a shopping list, checkout, including paying with a tip.

By the way, this entire freaking site is a huge Adobe Flash application, developed using Adobe Flex. So don’t bother trying to pull this site up if you’re still on a modem. For that matter, we’d be pretty surprised if you’re reading GfG over a modem! Today’s dynamic, content rich sites have become too large and dependent on bandwidth for them to even dream about having a modem-friendly version.via Techcrunch.

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  1. the online menu and ordering is the innovation. otherwise finding a liquor store or deli that delivers in manhattan simply involves calling the closest store- 95% of them deliver. site is pretty slick, although they sort by delivery time instead of distance to your apartment.

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