Linksys WVC11B Wireless-B Video Camera

Linksys WVC11B Wireless-B Video Camera

If you are looking for a quick setup web cam, this Linksys wireless web cam has a built-in web server and has the usual Linksys quick and easy setup. The video camera provides MPEG-4 video compression for a 320×240 stream that can be seen from any web browser. There’s even a security mode feature that will email you when motion has been detected.

Unlike standard web cams, that are anchored to a PC, the Linksys WVC11B Wireless-B Internet video camera has its own web server. It can connect directly to a computer network over a Wireless-B (802.11b) connection or via a 10/100 Ethernet cable. From there, it provides MPEG-4 video compression for a 320×240 video stream that can be sent to a web browser anywhere in the world. It also works well as a monitoring or security device to keep an eye on your home, kids, workplace or just see whether the squirrels are getting into your birdfeeder. Other features include time stamp and text overlay, the ability to connect up to 4 users simultaneously, multi-platform support–TCP/IP, SMTP (e-mail), HTTP, and DHCP .

Of course, the video stream itself is secure behind your router, but you can always open an appropriate port on the router and use the SoloLink DDNS (a trial version is included with the camera) to give password-enabled users access to the camera, or simply leave it unsecured and open for public use. Additional security features include WEP encryption up to 128-bit.

There’s also a Security Mode feature that sends an email with a video attached whenever its motion detector senses something in the line of vision. Then you can capture the images onto your hard drive. The camera is wall-mountable or can be attached to its stand for desktop use. Its Windows-based setup wizard makes get ting started easy as well. The unit measures 3.35 x 6.10 x 3.15 inches and weighs just over a half pound.

Wireless networks are rapidly becoming more popular and coming down in price. Since they don’t require cables, you can use the devices anywhere in an office or home, even out on the patio. There’s no need to roll out an Ethernet network cable to each room of a house; you can network anywhere — without wires. Outside of the home, wireless networking is available in hotspots at coffee shops, businesses, airports — great when you’re on the road and need to get some work done. For convenience, wireless networking is the answer.

Price: $119.95
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