Lego Technic Motorized Bulldozer

Lego Technic Motorized Bulldozer If you have read Gizmos for Geeks over the years, you should have come to the realization that the Geeks are just a couple of big kids (well, at least I am… Chief Gadgeteer’s just a tiny little fellow). Over the years, Legos have made our Gizmo of the Day list and today we’re featuring a Motorized Bulldozer from Lego’s Technic series. I’m a huge fan of the Technic series are you can learn how an engine works or learn about pneumatics or how gearing works. In the past one of my favorite sets from Technic has been the Bulldozer.

Lego has updated the Bulldozer set with a motorized version and this thing looks sharp. With its immense size and remote-controlled Power Functions, this giant yellow machine is the king of the construction site. Set it in motion at the push of a button and send it to do your bidding. Working pistons, turning treads, and other details that move and function just like the real thing!


Suggested Price: $149.99