LED Shower Light – changes color based on water temperature

If you’re tired of jumping into the shower in the morning only to find out that its ice cold then this gizmo is designed for you. The LED Shower Light installs to your regular shower pipe and takes no more then five minutes to install. For someone like myself I must say I enjoyed the ease of installation because I typically dislike doing home repairs/improvements.

The concept is actually really simple and a two year old will quickly get the idea. Basically when the water is cold or chilly the light will shine blue, and once the water warms up to over 89 degrees F (32 degrees C) then it will turn red.

Now there is absolutely no reason to jump into the shower in the morning still half asleep and be rudely awakened by the cold rush of water to hit your body. The light also makes showering more fun for younger children as I’m sure they’ll love the LED lights that change.

* Installation takes minutes
* Red = Hot (89+ Degrees F)
* Blue = Cold/Chilly (Below 89 Degrees F)
* Don’t need to use batteries
* Roughly 4 inches in diameter
* Installs onto regular shower pipes


Price: $39.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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  1. This surely is a very useful LED shower and it seems technology is at its best with this one!! The blinking of two of my favourite colors will surely make me happy in the morning.

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