Latest Apple Rumour – iTablet?

iTablet Rumour

Rumours from Apple are common, but a few of them do seem to come true – perhaps this is one of them! I am a bit skeptical about Apple releasing the ‘iCar’ that I heard about last year though! However, the latest offering in the rumor scene is some sort of Apple Tablet (could it be called the iTablet?) to compete within the ultra-portable computing market to provide something a little bigger and more powerful than an iPhone, yet not as big as their MacBooks.

There have been reports of the tablet featuring a 9.7inch screen and costing around $800. With the netbook and tablet market growing at such a fast rate at the moment I personally think that this device will be made, as Apple will want a piece of this market. As for the picture, I hope this is just a satirical piece of Photoshopping.

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