LAlarm – Laptop alarm security software – sounds loud alarm on theft of laptop

Worried about your laptop getting stolen when nature calls and you’re at a Starbucks chugging coffee and working? LAlarm (laptop alarm) semi-solves that problem by equipping your laptop with a auto-style alarm – loud and annoying!

If you have the LAlarm software installed, you simply plug your computer into a power outlet or plug in a flash drive and lock the computer. If the flash drive is disconnected, or the laptop is unplugged from the power, then the theft alarm goes off. A nice feature is that the theft alarm is audible and loud regardless of the mute status or volume level in Windows.

LAlarm has 2 other useful features – an auto-destroy folder and an e-mail-on-theft function. LAlarm will delete any data in the auto-destroy folder upon theft detection. The e-mail on theft function will send you sensitive files before wiping them.

LAlarm also has a number of additional alarms to help you be more productive: battery life, disk health, your health (time of use), mobile phone alerts and more.

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Price: Free for personal use; $50 for a business license
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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  3. This is a great use for those old (or small) USB thumb drives that you have laying around. Install Laptop Alarm on your laptop, use the memory stick's strap to fasten the drive to the table in the coffee shop, then plug in the thumb drive!

    Then you can go rid yourself of some of that venti double mocha latte!

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