Koyono BlackCoat Work

Koyono BlackCoat Work

Koyono makes clothing for the digital age by partnering with Eleksen, makers of Elektex® smart fabric interfaces, to integrate five-button iPod controls into our coats. The controls provide full functionality to your iPod without having to remove the iPod from your coat.

In addition to being high tech clothing, the jackets are quite stylish (well, style that I like at least). They say their coats are “inspired by the jackets we have seen worn by workmen, artists, and genius engineers, BlackCoat Work is our attempt to design a uniform for the knowledge worker.” Another area Koyono made work for the geek are the right number of pockets to manage all of your gadgets.

We choose the BlackCoat Work, but really any of Koyono’s coats would work as they are all “Made for iPod”. Right now you can save 30% using the coupon code OUTER30.

Elektex® Smart Fabric integrated controls for iPod are a fully washable fabric innovation that provides access to the full functionality of the iPod without accessing the device itself.

This garment is made with a stretch-cotton fabric made by Nano-Tex that includes nanotechnology protection from rain, spills, stains, and static. From the first day, this garment feels like worn denim but is as darable as nails and will keep the new, crisp look wash after machine-wash cycle. Nano technology encapsulation of the fibers give this fabric it’s high-tech capabilities while maintaining the cool breathability of natural fibers.

Price: $199
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)