Kleer’s DigiFi Opera S5 wireless earbuds

Kleer now has a set of wireless earbuds specifically designed for iPods. The DigiFi Opera S5 set adds an iPod-compatible transmitter as well as some remote buttons on the earbuds.

Wireless earbuds are still a rare commodity although there are quite a few wireless headsets, both Bluetooth and other wireless transports. The Kleer set, as you can see from the photo, still has a sizable receiver directly attached to the earbuds, but at least they sit unobtrusively behind your neck.

The range is up to 32ft, so it shouldn’t be an issue if you have your MP3 player in your pocket while jogging. You can recharge the batteries via USB. The DigiFi Opera uses a 2.4GHz freq to transmit.

The S2 model (which is not specifically iPod-compatible) is a bit cheaper.

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Price: £85.00
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