KeyRingThing Consolidates Your Loyalty Cards into One Card

KeyRingThing Club CardRemember the “Just One Club Card” website that lets you consolidate all of your loyalty cards into a single card by printing out the barcodes? Well, JOCC has teamed up with another similar site called KeyRingThing that lets you do something similar, but KRT will go one step further and produce a double-sided, full-color, laminated, credit-card sized plastic card for just about $5.

Each card holds up to 6 loyalty programs’ barcodes on it. KeyRingThing also produces print-at-home cards, PDF and PNG versions for your phone with a yearly $9.95 membership.

One great thing about KRT is that they’ve gone about 5 miles extra to produce a card that is very environmentally friendly, and they explain this in great detail in their FAQ.

Some suggestions for KRT:

  • Make the auto-vendor suggesting feature on the home page faster. It lags a bit too much for the impatient surfer!
  • Although it’s called KeyRingThing, I don’t see any mention of there being a hole in the corner of the card. Make that an option! I personally like to stick those cards on my keychain.
  • Offer different sizes. One that holds 2 barcodes and another with 4.
  • This is minor, but there should really be a global navigation item on every page with either a “Log In” or “My Account” link.

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