Jon Stewart asks Apple to be reasonable

Just in case you haven’t seen Jon Stewart’s take on Apple’s, let’s say, lack of judgement, then you should take 5 minutes to watch this. It really sums up very well how as companies become larger and more successful, even popular, that they seem to start ‘losing their marbles’. They seem to forget what it was like when they were starting up and competing against the unforgiving giants. Instead, they become them. The group-think becomes stronger and then they make decisions out of misplaced fear. *end soapbox rant*!

In case you don’t know the background, Apple employee loses prototype new iPhone; stranger finds it; tries giving it back to Apple; weeks past and stranger decides to sell it to Gizmodo; Gizmodo examines it; Apple decides to say it’s theirs and they want it back; Gizmodo returns it; Apple gets the police involved who break down Gizmodo editor Jason Chen’s door and seize all of his computers.

BTW, loved the bit where he pointed out that Bill Gates is now a philanthropist while Apple is knocking down doors.

(Start at about 1:15 if you’d like to skip the intro material.):

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