Jabra Unveils New Mobile Music Strategy

CeBIT 2006 (9 March, 2006) — Jabra, a leading brand of audio products forthe mobile consumer market, today announced its strategy to become a leadingbrand in the mobile music market and the launch of a new range of audioproducts for music lovers at CeBIT this year. Jabra has added six new musicproducts to its existing wireless Bluetooth headset portfolio, givingconsumers a comprehensive range of products for use with the mobile phone,MP3 players and the PC.

Desire for mobile music is growing at a considerable rate with new productssuch as mobile music phones, iPod® and other music players driving consumerdemand. According to Strategy Analytics, one-third of the 945 million phonesexpected to be sold worldwide in 2006 will have digital music playbackfunctionality. By 2008, it is estimated this will rise to almost seven inten out of the billion phones forecasted to be sold globally.

“We are focused on establishing Jabra as the world’s leading brand of audioproducts for mobile devices and the number one choice for consumers.Continuous product innovation combined with strategic partnerships, such asour recent alliance with Klipsch Audio Technologies, will enable us to gaina significant share of the mobile music market,� said Morten SteenJørgensen, president, GN Mobile. “Headsets are central to enabling users totake full advantage of mobile music and other media, and Jabra is wellpositioned to address this need in the marketplace.�

The new Jabra music audio products include a range of headsets andheadphones for use with Bluetooth mobile phones and other music devices. Inaddition, the portfolio includes a series of adaptors or Bluetooth enablers,allowing consumers to extend the functionality of mobile phones, musicdevices and PCs or laptops, and enjoy hands-free communication and wirelessmusic streaming to a Jabra or other Bluetooth stereo headset or headphone.

The products launched at CeBIT include the Jabra BT325s Bluetooth headsetwith stereo headphones, Jabra C820s high-performance noise cancelling stereoheadphones and two music adaptors including the Jabra A125s iPod Bluetoothadaptor and the Jabra A120s Bluetooth adaptor for standard music players. Inaddition, the recently announced Jabra BT620s Bluetooth stereo headset andthe Jabra A320s Bluetooth stereo USB adaptor are also part of the new Jabramusic line up.

•The Jabra BT325s Bluetooth Headset for Music and Phone CallsThe Jabra BT325s provides users with a Bluetooth headset and highperformance corded stereo headphones so users never have to miss a callwhile listening to music. It is designed as the perfect match for portablemusic devices and Bluetooth phones and provides the convenience of oneheadset for both listening to music and taking calls. The headset comes withhigh-quality exchangeable stereo ear buds and connects to MP3 players orother devices that support a 3.5 mm corded interface such as a PC or musicmobile phone. A clip-on Bluetooth device featuring integrated microphone andphone volume controls enables the headset to connect to Bluetooth enableddevices to support phone calls. The Jabra BT325s comes in an urban and rainshower proof design and features 8 hours of music/talk time and 240 hoursstandby time.

•Jabra C820s High Performance Active Noise Cancelling StereoHeadphones Jabra C820s corded stereo headphones provide users with superior audioquality and are ideal for any music playing device such as a mobile phone,music player, hi-fi adapter, PC or airplane. Featuring active noisereduction (up to 22dB), powered by a single AAA battery installed in the earcup, the Jabra C820s removes unwanted background noise for a betterlistening experience. Jabra C820s comes with a range of adapters including aconnector cable for music phones with adapters, a 3.5mm standard stereoaudio cable, a two-prong airline adaptor and 3.5mm – 6.5mm stereo adaptor.

•Jabra A125s Bluetooth Adaptor for iPod® The Jabra A125s is the ideal solution for Bluetooth enabling an iPod sousers can wirelessly listen to music via a Bluetooth stereo headset orheadphones. Compatible with most iPods including the iPod mini, iPod photoand iPod nano, the Jabra A125s provides users with wireless music streamingfrom an iPod to a Jabra or other Bluetooth stereo headset or headphone. TheJabra A125s features 10 hours of music time.

•Jabra A120s Bluetooth Music AdaptorFeaturing 10 hours of music time, the Jabra A120s can be used to Bluetoothenable all music devices using a 3.5mm jack such as music mobile phones,PCs, or standard music players. With the Jabra A120s users can stream musicdirect to a Jabra or other Bluetooth stereo headset or headphone.

•The Jabra BT620s Bluetooth Stereo HeadsetThe Jabra BT620s Bluetooth stereo headset is the first Jabra Bluetooth hi-fistereo headset that lets consumers switch instantly between enjoying musicand talking on the phone. The Jabra BT620s provides consumers with greataudio quality direct from a mobile phone, MP3 player, PC or laptop. When acall comes in the music pauses automatically so the user can take the call.The Jabra BT620s features 14 hours of music playing time, one of the longestin the industry, 16 hours of talk time and up to 240 hours of standby time.RRP: £69.99

•The Jabra A320s USB Bluetooth Stereo AdaptorThe Jabra A320s USB Bluetooth stereo adaptor enables users to stream music,transfer data, or talk wirelessly. The Jabra A320s Bluetooth stereo USBadapter brings Bluetooth capability to a PC or laptop providing users withan immediate solution for wirelessly listening to music, having hands-freeconversations and transferring data. RRP: £29.99

All products are expected to be available in Europe, the Middle East andAfrica in the first half of 2006.

About JabraJabra is a world leading brand of innovative mobile audio products. Itsextensive portfolio includes wireless Bluetooth headsets, corded headsetsand mobile music accessories such as stereo headsets and headphones formobile phones and other devices. Jabra products are sold in more than 60countries and are available at major retailers worldwide. Jabra is a brandof GN Mobile, a division of GN Store Nord headquartered in Copenhagen,Denmark. GN Mobile includes both the Jabra brand of products and GN’soriginal equipment manufacturing (OEM) business. http://www.jabra.com.

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