It’s like Amazon for Mad Scientists

Magnetic FerrofluidI know what you’re all thinking. Here it’s nearly April, and Mother’s day is coming up, and where, exactly, does one go to buy radioactive isotopes? Maybe a glow-in-the-dark Tritium keychain for the kids? Or bit of certified genuine Trinitite–that would be glass that was created from the desert sand by the historic Trinity nuclear test explosion in 1945.The answer is United Nuclear, a website that sells the nuclear tidbits listed above, as well as a variety of other scientific curiosities like aerogel, magnetic ferro-fluid, levitation kits and samples of the kinds of chemicals that they don’t put into chemistry sets anymore.

If you have a passing familiarity with chemistry, and for example, are familiar with what you can do when you mix up aluminum dust with powdered iron oxide and light it, your reaction may range from “hey, cool!” to “oh my gosh!”

United Nuclear can also set you up with a neodymium magnet the size of can of peaches if you want. These things are STRONG–at first the warnings about having to plan your route through rooms with metal objects and computers and losing fingers are dire enough to bring smiles to kind of people who enjoy dangerous things, until you get the part where United Nuclear tells you about a small child who lost a hand when his father left two of them unattended.

As you look through the various “read this warning or die” labels on the site, you might be curious about who is selling this stuff. The owner of United Nuclear is Bob Lazar, who claims to have worked for the government at Sector S-4, which is of course, where the alien spaceships are being reverse-engineered. The lack of any evidence for his claims to have received degrees from MIT and Caltech is due to the government’s erasure of his identity.

Of course it is. In addition to his United Nuclear site has his own website at, where he provides “recreated” details about his time studying the alien spacecraft.

UFOs aside, Bob Lazar’s other hobby these days is more closely aligned with items found in his current inventory–the annual Desert Blast that he holds out in the desert where like-minded individuals go off into the sands of New Mexico and blow stuff up. And by “like-minded individuals,” I mean any human male over the age of 36 months.

I don’t know about you, but geek-gift registry is going to be on United Nuclear from now on. After all, there’s only so many USB Rocket launchers one man can have.