iPhone Released

Waiting for iPhone My brother has been waiting in anticipation for the iPhone since it was announced like a little kid counts down to Christmas. Today was his Christmas as he waited in line for iPhone.

I called my brother thinking I may be the first person to call him on his new shiny gadget, but he was still in line. While some lines are sometimes adversarial, only peace and free love are offered in a line for Apple products as people in line worked on their Macbooks, talked with reporters and I bet some hacky-sack was played. When I called him, he was in the middle of a networked golf game on his PSP against others in line.

Apparently, iPhones aren’t sold until 6p so the Apple store closed their doors at 2p to ready the store. Immediately after closing, a veil was lifted in all the windows in the Apple store in a David Copperfield manner. Check out his photo blog for the rest of the story. As of this writing, it’s been 40 minutes since the doors were reopened at his store to sell the iPhone… let’s see how long it takes to receive the excited news of my brother’s new gadget baby.