INSTEON / X10 Wireless Sensor Receiver

INSTEON / X10 Wireless Sensor Receiver Simplifying the world of home automation, this INSTEON/X10 Wireless Sensor Receiver blends the world of X10 and INSTEON. Home Automation tends to be a DIY market and many folks in Home Automation have been tinkering with X10 for a long time so they have several legacy applications of home automation using X10. A couple of years ago when new home automation protocols hit the market, INSTEON was an instant success. Unfortunately the X10 RF devices in the home do not play well with INSTEON but with this receiver you can now integrate the X10 RF devces reliably into your new INSTEON network.

This first transceiver ever to receive X10 RF codes and convert them to INSTEON commands can receive RF signals from up to 200 feet away and rebroadcast the signals over your power lines. Now you can use any number of X10 transmitters, such as remote controls, motion sensors, driveway alerts, panic buttons, moisture alarms, etc. to trigger an ultra-reliable INSTEON command.


For more details check out the product page on Smarthome.

Suggested Price: $124.99

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