In-Wall Power Center

In-Wall Power Center

There are a couple of camps of how to display audio and video components… one group of people want to show off their components and mount them for display and another group hides the components. I come from the later as I hide my components in a cabinet using the Hot Link Pro. Well, now not only your components can be hidden but so can your power management with this Monster In-Wall Power Center!

Including two AC plugs and three COAX plugs, this little gizmo hides away in a triple gang receptacle and provides surge protection and power filtration. Read on for the specs.

Get clean, safe power and video input to your flat-screen or projector television with a power solution that won’t take up space. Ideal for custom installations with limited space, the Monster In-Wall Power Center mounts directly to your wall to provide multiple AC and coax receptacles with surge protection and power filtration. This convenient, wall-mounted power center contains two surge-protected AC outlets as well as three inserts for coax connectors or for later use. In addition, on-board diagnostics indicate system status, and an audible alarm is built in.

You’ll enjoy clean, filtered power with the Monster In-Wall Power Center. Its patented Monster clean power circuitry stage 1 v.2.0 dramatically reduces electronic noise and interference that can degrade performance. The built-in surge and spike protection with 1260 joule rating ensures performance and longevity for sophisticated audio/video components and computers.

Price: $179.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)