i-Got-Control iPhone Universal Remote

I-Got-Control iPhone Universal Remote Control Give your dad a universal remote control for Father’s Day with this iPhone utility that plugs into the dock connector and, using an app from the iTunes app store, turns the iPhone into a universal remote control.

The i-Got-Control Universal Remote allows you to use your iPhone as… you guessed it… a universal remote. Unlike that crappy universal remote that came with your cable box, the i-Got-Control allows you to control thousands of different devices via an intuitive touchscreen interface. If for some reason the obscure contraption you own isn’t on the list, you can learn its codes and save them as a new device.

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  1. Another problem with the I-Got-Control accessory is a weak IR signal output. I don't know why they did that. Its not like iPhone battery life is an issue given the short bursts. The Re is the strongest of the iPhone Accessories in this area. The FLPR is next, followed by L5 and IGC, with PowerA and RYZ Media on the bottom with the worst signal strength.

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