Hunter Fan Company 7-Day Energy Star Programmable Thermostat

Hunter Fan Company 44360 7-Day Energy Star Programmable Thermostat Using an Energy Star Programmable Thermostat you can realize up to 33% year round savings on energy costs. The Hunter Fan Company Thermostat works with single stage heat pump and includes a stylish INDIGLO backlit display. For further energy savings, the thermostat is Energy Star Compliant but the real savings occur with the ability to program your heating and air with pre-programmed, daylight savings key, programmable hold, energy monitor and a home today feature this thermostat is sure to help save money provided you spend the time to properly set it up.

By the way, the recommended thermostat settings to help save energy are 55 degrees during the winter when you are not home and 68 degrees when you are. During the summer, 78 degrees is the recommended setting when you are home and 85 degrees when you are away. By setting your heat back by just 3 degrees F, you could save $74 per heating season. If we set the thermostats back by 1 degree F this winter we would save enough gas for 3,100 homes and if we reduce our air conditioner use by 10% this summer, we could save enough electricity for 2,400 homes.


Suggested Price: $52.99