Human Touch’s AcuTouch 9500 Massage Chair can be controlled with your iPhone

AcuTouch 9500 Massage ChairOne of our first gizmos we ever featured was the iJoy Robotic Massage Chair. Fast-forward a few years later and Human Touch and massage chairs have not stood still. In fact, take the AcuTouch 9500 Massage Chair, which interfaces with your iPhone or iPod Touch via Bluetooth.

Download the HT-Connect app and control the AcuTouch’s settings and programs from the palm of your hand.

But put aside the iPhone app for a second and consider how decked out this chair really is. It aims to simulate the hands and techniques of expert therapists and even includes dual-lumbar back heat, foot and calf massagers, and uses sensors to map the pressure points along your back.

You can choose from 8 15-min programs depending on how you’re feeling. It can remember your favorite positions, and you can adjust the intensity of the massage, and of course you can program in your very own customized massage routines.

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Price: $4999
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