Heroes Video Game in the Works

Video game maker, Ubisoft, has landed the rights to make a video game based on the popular TV show, Heroes. It will be a 3rd-person superhero game. But don’t hold your breath: you probably won’t see this game until Christmas 2008. The good news is that apparently the show’s creators have been thinking about how to tie a video game into the show for a long time, so there’s hope for a pretty involved game.

Ubisoft also recently landed another big deal, a partnership with James Cameron for his 2009 sci-fi movie, Avatar.

In case that wasn’t enough Heroes info for you, how about this: apart from the Heroes 360 website, there is also a mobile video game, graphic novels, and best yet: a spinoff show entitled “Heroes: Origins” (due this upcoming Fall season). If the title implies anything at all, I’m really looking forward to that show!