HDBaseT could supplant HDMI as AV Cable of Choice

HDBaseT logoUh-oh, another AV cabling technology is on its way to upset electronics consumers. Just when you thought HDMI was the thing to get, DisplayPort raised its head up, but it’s possible that DisplayPort may not even make much of a showing if new tech HDBaseT makes a big splash.

HDBaseT will let you connect your Audio-Visual and other electronics equipment together using standard Cat5e/Cat6 cables. Yes, the same ones you use now to hook your computers up to your home/office network.

There’s nothing special about the cables really (so don’t fall for $100 gold-plating), but the protocol will allow for audio, uncompressed high-def video, networking and even power and other signals to travel up to 100m. The distance alone is a huge jump over HDMI and DisplayPort, which are capped at a mere fraction of that.

HDBaseT is extremely new, so much so that the HDBaseT Alliance of Samsung, Sony, LG and Valens only came incorporated last month in June. But products may ship as early as late this year.

Of course, this means that you won’t be HDBaseT’ing it unless you replace your current gadgets because it means needing new interfaces and firmware support.

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