HD-DVD Dead – Goodbye Format War, Hello Single Standard

bluray-trophy.jpgA few months back I gave Toshiba some advice on how HD-DVD could win the format war. Perhaps it was too little, too late, or it was sound advice that fell on deaf ears. Either way, Toshiba has packed up camp and announced it will no longer be manufacturing or marketing HD-DVD players and ending the long format war once and for all.

It’s estimated Toshiba sold over one million HD-DVD players and three-hundred thousand personal computers with HD-DVD drives. Painful as it may be for early adopters, there will be no rebates, refunds, or credits toward Blu-Ray devices for anyone that bought in to HD-DVD early.

What brought the demise of HD-DVD? Though a full autopsy may be in order to find the detailed answer, I chalk it up to three things:

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  1. I guess it was good foresight by Microsoft to not include a HD DVD drive in their Xbox 360. Imagine if the war had gone the other way and thousands of PS3 buyers were stuck with paying for obsolete technology.

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