Happy Valentine’s Day – did you forget?

Valentine's Day flowers Valentine’s Day may be a hotly contested “Hallmark” holiday around your house, but if you did not come to an agreement with your significant other prior to today… you should pick up some flowers, a gift and attempt to make a reservation at a nice restaurant. Otherwise, prepare to sleep on the couch for a month or until your next good deed.

Don’t fret! The Geeks are here to help you and all it will take is about 15 minutes.

First, the flowers… at this point, you can’t order flowers so you need to pick up flowers on the way home. The most common place to pick up flowers is a grocery store. If you want to skip that crowd, look for a street vendor selling roses or actually go to a flower shop and pick up some flowers there.

Second, depending on your significant other, a gift might be a requirement. You can always get the heart shaped box of candy’s but that’s a bit cliche. For the partner that loves music, you could always spring for an iTunes gift certificate for the new Gaga song or Beatle’s LOVE. If you guys watched the Grammy’s last night and enjoyed it, you could grab a gift certificate for the Grammy performances.

If music isn’t your partner’s thing… maybe they’re a Geek and would love a gift certificate from ThinkGeek to pick out that perfect Bazinga! Babydoll T.

Finally, you could go with the universal love for movies with a Netflix subscription or go even more generic with an Amazon gift certificate.

Now that you have flowers and a gift, go over to Opentable and see if you can find a table for two somewhere in your city tonight. This may be your most difficult task today.

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