Happy New Year Geeks!

Happy New Year As the New Year approaches, the Geeks (aka Khalid and Doug) have worked on providing you, our readers, additional value above and beyond a gadget blog that features gadget news and featured gadgets.

As one example, The Geeks spent countless hours researching, writing and editing our eReader Comparison Report and have provided the report free to our subscribers. We will continue to monitor the eReader market and update the report as needed as well as continue to update the eReader Comparison Matrix available to all. We have additional reports and series planned for the New Year so subscribe and stay tuned!

Additionally, we are working to publish more reviews of products as well as how-to articles. These articles really provide much more value than the typical featured gadget and we feel that the extra time in producing reviews and how-to’s is well worth it.

Finally, we have mostly completed some backend construction and hopefully we did not make a mess along the way! We’ve switched to a more robust and adaptable cloud solution for hosting the site, a more flexible theme architecture, and have moved to the best in breed mail list manager to make sure the information you want is there when you need it.

As the New Year approaches we look back over the past year (and for that matter the last six years) and we are thankful of what our Geek subscribers have built with us… with that said, we are even more excited with the direction Gizmos for Geeks is headed in 2011!

Happy New Year,
The Geeks (aka Khalid and Doug)

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