Grow Your Own Beer Garden

Build your own Beer Garden Grow your own beer garden using this kit from ThinkGeek that easily grows hops, barley and wheat for brewing your perfect mug of beer.

Homebrewing is all the craze as more and more folks create their own beer. This kit takes homebrewing to the extreme by helping you grow your own ingredients to homebrew.

You will find it fun, rewarding, and tasty to grow your own beer making plants. With the Grow Your Own Beer Garden kit, the plants sprout and grow quickly and easily. You’ll get the magic three: hops – the flavoring and stability agent of beer; barley – integral in making beer and able to regulate blood sugar levels for up to ten hours after consumption; and wheat – used to aid in fermentation and is the second most produced food in the world. All three of these plants fuse together to make great beer!

By the way, this kit is rated for ages 4 and up! While I’m sure the manufacturer meant this for the growing part, I found this funny nonetheless.

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