Golden Tee LIVE Update

Incredible Technologies’ Golden Tee arcade machines are being upgraded this year to a “LIVE” version which uses the SprintPCS wireless network connecting LIVE machines nationwide not to mention accepting credit cards (which could be bad for me!). Read on to learn more about the most advanced networked bar arcade machine out there currently.

Golden Tee LIVE’s unprecedented 500-game field test has generated an overwhelming buzz across the country. Our development team is striving to take the Golden Tee franchise to new heights and is on a path to reenergize the entire universe of video golfers!

As the test progresses and we near the official launch date, new items will be continuously introduced and previously installed features will be changed and refined to make LIVE the most comprehensive and exciting game in the history of on-premise entertainment!

February 22nd marks the ship date for the newest update and soon after you will see LIVE’s newest in-game features!

Here’s a list of what to look for!

· New Prize Play mode will be activated.* Groups of 50 players will square off for a $50 prize pool.
· New Practice Facility mode will be available. Drive, chip, putt and practice sand shots to your heart’s content!
· An early version of the Player Account management system will be available on
* Prize Play will not be activated until all of the updates have been installed.

· More speech and video of the pro golfers has been added.
· More items have been added for customizing the on-screen golfer.
· Attract mode replays and course records have been added.
· Many of the holes on all courses have been modified for better playability.
· Flags on the pins wave in the breeze.
· A wide variety of new and animating animals and objects have been added to all courses.
· Seasonal changes on the courses have been added.
· The winds have been ramped up on Heather Point to reflect the course’s Scottish heritage.
· Scorecards displayed after 9 and 18 holes are color-coded to show above or below par.
· The overhead inset view now shows other player’s ball markers.
· Great Shot Points are displayed when you make a great shot.
· More tee positions are available on every course.

· The leaderboards on the upper monitor now show individual ranking as well as group standings.
· The contest leaderboards on the main screen display the player’s city and state.
· The contest leaderboards are now color-coded correctly.
· Player divisions have been restructured to even out the number of players in each division.
· Skill-based tee zones have been implemented. · Skill-based drop spots have been implemented.
· Course conditions are the same for everyone in the same contest

· Volume control can no longer be adjusted from the attract mode.
· Measures have been taken to improve connectivity.
· Fixed some issues that could cause a slowdown in game play.
· Modified and added numerous sections to System Setup mode.
· Reduced the number of repeat holes in Sampler mode.

This is an exciting time to be a part of the Golden Tee Golf experience and we value the support and feedback we’ve received thus far. We continue encouraging players to provide us with any questions, comments or concerns regarding the development of this revolutionary game.