Gmail’s latest Lab feature: Multiple Inboxes

Gmail’s latest Lab feature, Multiple Inboxes, is a doozy. I had to try this the minute I saw it. The name is a tab bit misleading, but Multiple Inboxes (MI) lets you get a glimpse into your other Gmail folders, labels or saved searches by providing additional boxes on your main Gmail screen.

Here’s an example – you want to always see the latest 5 starred items in a separate list without having to click on the Starred link in the left pane. Easy, create a separate pane in MI that shows exactly that. The screenshot shows 3 additional panes to the right of the Inbox.

What’s funny about this is quickly discovering that my 19″ monitor just isn’t wide enough to show enough of the e-mail preview that I want. No worries, I just placed the preview directly under my Inbox. And yes, time to get new monitors!

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