GE CFL Light Bulb 13-watt

GE CFL Light Bulb 13-watt The GE Energy Smart light bulbs not only save energy but last longer than the conventional Soft White incandescent bulbs while providing the same quality but saving you money. Using compact fluorescent technology (CFL), these bulbs last up to 8 times longer than the average bulb.

Since CFLs use 75% less energy, you can save money on energy bills. In a lifetime of a bulb you will save $38 in energy costs based on $0.10 per kWh using just 13 watts per bulb while producing the same light as a conventional 60 watt bulb. Each bulb is also rated for 8,000 hours which is equivalent to eight 60 watt conventional Soft White incandescent bulbs (or 5 years based on average consumer use of 4 hours per day at 120V).

CFLs have come a long way since the first generation CFLs and now come on instantly and flicker-free. You can even get dimmable CFLs and recessed lighting CFLs.


Suggested Price: $9.88 for a 6-pack

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  1. I use these bulbs throughout my house, and they have more than paid for themselves in energy savings already. It does take some time getting used to them. The lighting is a little different than an incandescent light bulb. Nothing major though. I did have one go bad prematurely, but I have at least 20 of them in use for over a year now. The price of these bubs has dropped a lot in the last year or two, and soon the old incandescent light bulb will be a thing of the past. Dimmable and 3-way version are also available now. ..Please note that you should dispose of these bulbs properly when they go bad. Do not just throw them in the trash.

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