GCycle – New website that helps you locate recycling locations near you

G4 (yes, the cable TV channel) has launched a website, called Gcycle, devoted to helping you find locations near you that will recycle electronics, batteries, computers, etc. Although there are already similar sites out there, they certainly aren’t as flashy. This one is totally done in Adobe Flash and is a little ‘jumpy’, but then they were going for a unique, cartoony look and succeeded.

Bottom line is that it has the goods. Punch in your zip code, select the stuff you want to recycle and it delivers. Before you do that, hit the Flummoxing Facts link and be flummoxed. It’s staggering, a bit sickening and frightening how much we’re tossing into landfills. Not only are we polluting at a ridiculous rate, but we’re going to run out of resources to make more and new gadgets in the future!

As for my comment about there being other sites to help you find recycling resources, I say bring them on in droves. We need as much info out there to drive up awareness, and it needs to be easy for folks to find it. Google helps; use it. Please.

gcycle now…

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