GamePark GP2X

GamePark GP2X

Since we’re halfway through this month’s contest, we figured we would feature the sponsored gizmo of the month: the GamePark GP2X! You better check your current geek credits and make sure to participate in the site to obtain a couple tickets to try to win this sweet gizmo.

The GP2X is the hottest handheld system for geeks as the unit is priced right, can use regular AA batteries and is open source! That’s right, the GP2X runs off Linux, but if you didn’t want to know that… you couldn’t tell with the interface. These units can only be imported (check out the GIMME! link or the GP2X Shop).

The geeks got their hands on a review copy and we’ve posted our review here.

With the ability to play games, movies, ebooks and more at a more than affordable price, the GP2X is a multimedia delight.

Gamepark Holdings new multimedia device is very inexpensive and yet it can compete with any other multimedia device out in the market today! Featuring a dual CPU core, 64MB of memory, SD card storage, and its Linux operating system gives the GP2X the potential no other handheld can offer.

Gamepark Holdings has made the GP2X a system for anybody to develop emulators, games, applications, practically anything for! Having Linux as its operating system, SDL support and tools supplied by Gamepark Holdings should make developing for the GP2X a breeze. There is no doubt that there will be a large homebrewn scene with games, emulators, and applications made by talented developers. The GP32 is a great scene to be a part of, and the GP2X should be no different, if not better. Emulation is complimented with perfect button layout and resolution which might make the GP2X the new emulating king for the years to come.

Besides its gaming aspect the GP2X is a great multimedia device. With its multiple codecs support you can also hook the device up to any television set through its TV-out functionality, making it a great device to have. The TV-out uses the high quality S-video standard.

GP2X also has great music capabilities. Supporting various music types such as OGG and MP3 and capable of producing sounds up to 100 milliwatts portable music couldn’t get any better. Have a digital camera? Just snap a photo and instantly view it on the GP2X, never has anything been so easy! With upgradeable firmware, USB 2.0 support, and running on AA batteries makes the GP2X the most consumer friendly device in the market today.

Price: $179.90
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)