Butterfly Indoor Flyer

Butterfly Indoor Flyer

This little remote control plane weighs a whopping 3.6 grams and can be flown in a room of 12’x16′! How’s that for a micro remote control machine? The RC kit comes with the freeware FMS R/C Flight Simulator and a cable to connect the transmitter to a PC. This way you can learn to fly the plane using the transmitter and only crash on the computer!

You have got to check out the video!

The Butterfly Indoor Flyer remote-control airplane has a beautifully constructed delicate airframe along with a carbon-fiber propeller, a Swiss-engineered gearbox, and a tiny 4mm coreless motor. Control the RC airplane with the transmitter’s two joysticks. The transmitter also includes a built-in portable charger for the remote-control plane’s lithium polymer battery.

This remote-control airplane kit comes with the freeware FMS R/C Flight Simulator and a computer interface cord, so you can plug the transmitter into your PC and learn to fly your RC airplane on your computer, crashing as many times as you want without doing any real damage. After you have mastered flying by radio control on the simulator, you’ll be ready to try the remote-control airplane in the real world.

The HingeAct magnetic self-centering actuator weighs only 0.22 grams, but is powerful enough to control the Butterfly precisely, providing an amazing 64 steps of full proportional resolution. A flashing light and audible tones let you know the status of the receiver in operation. Take the Butterfly Indoor Flyer with you to work, school, or on vacation. The included aluminum briefcase protects the remote-control airplane and transmitter from damage in transit.

Price: $239.99
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