Gadget Geeks Unite In Techno-Sexual Movement

Is it that important for a guy to have a stylish vacuum cleaner? It is apparently if you are a techno-sexual.

Ricky Montalvo is a techno-sexual who will help you get chic from your coffeepot to your stereo system.

Montalvo leads a team of Silicon Valley Tech workers in California who started the techno-sexual movement.

They say it is about style, culture and, of course, a lot of technology.

“You know, back in the day a woman wanted a guy who can change the oil, rake the leaves, and clean the rain gutters. We’re saying the new ideal male is a guy who can set up her wireless DSL configuration at her home,” Montalvo said.

But can a cell phone or a television set really impress that special someone in our lives?

And what about cost? An iPod, a moving TV, all those speakers. It sounds expensive to be a techno-sexual.

“You know, guys don’t have accessories like purses and jewelry, and don’t spend money on makeup, so why not spend it on cell phones and cool messenger bags and watches,” Montalvo says.

Montalvo started the movement just five months ago. He says since then, techno-sexuals from all over the world are now contacting him. They ask about shopping advice and find a brotherhood of gadget geeks.

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