FutureSmart 8-ZONE Super Pro Panel

FutureSmart 8-ZONE Super Pro Panel

If you’ve looked at new homes lately, at least around where I live, all of the homes are using panels such as FutureSmart’s panel for the wiring distribution hub for audio, video, phone, cable/satellite and network.

Not only with wiring panels in the home help with resale, but they could save your sanity as the panels allow you to quickly change a phone jack to a network jack or hook up satellite to a room in no time. Of course, you need to do the initial install which includes wiring the whole house!

With the many telephone, data and video components now available, setting up a home or office can require so much wiring that adding a component or moving an office is almost not worth the effort. But the 8-Zone SuperPro Panel provides user-friendly distribution of voice, data and video signals throughout the home or office, allowing you to manage signal distribution in your home and make changes as your needs change. In other words, by installing telephone, data and coax lines in all the rooms of your home now, you can save the time and money of trying to add wiring to your home later. The 8-Zone SuperPro Panel collects all the incoming services and signals and routes them to up to eight desired locations in your home or office. These panels are designed for you, the homeowner, to make simple changes to your system, such as activating phone and/or TV outlets in your home, or even disconnecting or moving the signals around in the home.

The design of the 8-Zone SuperPro Panel makes management and control of signals and services very simple; if you decide to move your home office or add another computer, this distribution panel will allow you to reroute the desired services and signals to the new locations quickly and conveniently. By utilizing the patch cords and the patented patching area, you control which rooms receive desired signals. The zone area, or patching area, is where all of your incoming telephone, data and coax wiring connect to the distribution panel. With the addition of optional hubs (sold separately), the SP0800R can also provide distribution and control of security, audio, computer networks, home automation, X10 products, IR products, RF products and wireless products. And when new services or products become available, the expansion slots can be quickly removed and replaced with the upgrades.

This 8-zone distribution panel is also available with a surface-mount housing. The SuperPro Panels are shipped without Hubs. Suggested Hubs for initial configuration are a Telephone Distribution Hub, an Amplified Coax Distribution Hub, and a Service Input Hub. The Telephone Distribution Hub distributes a total of four voice and data signals to up to 11 locations. The Coax Hub is used to distribute TV, cable TV and satellite TV signals to multiple designated locations throughout your house. In addition, the Coax Hub can distribute modulated signals from VCRs, DVDs and even your security cameras. The Coax Hub includes surge suppression and built-in signal amplification in order to keep your picture clear and strong. The Service Input Hub will come in handy if your source inputs, such as satellite, phone, or Internet inputs, exceed the capacity of your panel.

Price: $469.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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