Furby Fanatics: It’s Almost Time

By Nino Marchetti
Staff Writer, Designtechnica News

Little fuzzball from Hasbro more advanced then before, goes limited pre-sale on June 13 with early August full release.

Yes boys and girls, Furby is back. Hasbro first broke the news that they were bringing back the Gizmo gremlin look-alike in February. Today they announced more details on the pending release, including a pre-sales event for dire hard Furby fans.

This pre-sales event, according to Hasbro, will involve 1,000 of the “evolved creatures�. Those eager to get their hands on the small furry monsters which terrorized so many in the late 90s will get their chance on the toy company’s sales website Monday June 13 at 10 a.m. EDT. The lucky 1,000 will receive their Furbys shortly after July 15, which is approximately two weeks before the rest of us will probably not line up to buy one. Also accompanying the 1,000 fur balls will be a certificate of authenticity.

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