Five Device Recharging Station

Five Device Recharging Station As a Geek, perhaps you have the same issue I do. You see, gadgets require power to charge up. The more gadgets you collect and use, the harder it is to find places to plug-in all your gadgets especially near the door so when you’re rushing out the door in the morning to sit in traffic you don’t forget your Treo, Blackberry, iPods, etc… Combine this with multiple people in your house and every socket in your kitchen is in use! Wouldn’t it be great for a cable organization solution so your gadget resting place looks as nice and neat as your prized wiring closet only you see in the basement?

The Five Device Recharging Station is a recharging platform that, go figure, stores and recharges up to five devices from one convenient place with four integrated AC ports and two USB ports. It’s perfect to charge all your devices and hide the tangled wires.


Suggested Price: $49.95

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