Epson WorkForce 310

Epson WorkForce 310

We recently reviewed the Epson WorkForce 600 and found it to be an excellent all-in-one printer. Now Epson have released the WorkForce 310 which is essentially a cheaper, more compact and more efficient version. The WorkForce series is a range of printers that can print, scan, copy and fax. Photo printing is also catered for, as would be expected with an Epson. However, direct photo printing might be an issue with no USB connectivity and no memory card slots unlike its predecessor the WorkForce 600.

Disappointingly, the 310 has lost its 802.11g WiFi connectivity completely which was a real bonus for the 600. However, it should be noted that this is priced cheaper and has been designed as a compact option.

On the plus side, Epson claim that it can print at twice the speed of any similarly-priced and similarly-featured all-in-one printer, with a black printing speed of 36 ppm (not specified as to whether this is in draft mode or not) and a high quality print speed of 16 ppm. 2-sided is support – the Epson website displays this as ‘manual 2-sided printing’ but surely every printer ‘features’ this?!

Not a bad job for $130, and should have enough features to delight the occasional home user and power business user alike.

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Price: $129.99
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