Easy iPod Media Sharer – transfer content to other iPods directly

Everyone knows the feeling of seeing your friends have thousands of songs on their iPod, while you only have a measly collection in comparison. The Easy iPod Media Sharer allows two iPods to transfer songs, videos, and files between two iPods.

Of course, any songs transferred with digital rights management (DRM), mainly songs bought through iTunes, require proper authorization. The neat thing about this gizmo is the speedy way it transfers the data. It claims transferring some songs in seconds, approximately 600KB/sec.

The Easy iPod Media Sharer is actually pocket size measuring about three inches long and 2 inches wide. Great to throw in your laptop bag, purse, or even a pocket to share songs on the go. This handy gadget is perfect for anyone who enjoys gathering a collection of songs, or who has multiple iPods and wants to keep them all up to date in a quick and easy way.

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Price: $99.95
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