Earthlink rolls out city-wide WiFi in Anaheim, CA

For $21.95/month, if you live in Anaheim, CA, you can get an Earthlink account that gives you wireless access city-wide. Earthlink just rolled out the service and while there are some birthing issues, it has promise. Right now, not every spot in the city will have coverage and there are interference problems, especially indoors. The up/download speeds are currently capped at 1Mbps, but there are plans to ratchet that up once the bigger issues are resolved. Stay tuned for WiFi networks in Philadelphia; San Francisco; New Orleans; Pasadena, Calif.; Arlington, Va.; Long Beach, Calif.; and Milpitas, Calif. Hopefully, this will mean more of a competitive incentive to other ISPs to roll out similar services. Earthlink is charging $7.95/day for individuals without accounts, but I think this is a ridiculous fee; I want to see more competition.

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